Friday, September 4, 2015

We're enjoying Paris in overcast high teens weather after what seems like an endless day. Horrible Toronto traffic but Uber got us there on time. Air France on time, great meal, and comfortable bed, BUT spoiled by the fact that there was virtually no air circulation, so it was very hot, meaning I didn't get any sleep. Convenient kiosk at Charles de Gaulle airport yielded a French SIM card, and we were on our way - only to face horrible traffic. Again!

Our friend's apartment is charming, a delightful mix of tradition - picture the tiny French elevator with a grill - and ultramodern technology - picture an induction hob and gentle rain shower.  We are so fortunate he lent it to us.

We started the day by walking a couple of kilometres to the tourism Kiosk to buy our metro and museum passes. We walked through a lot of Montmartre peoplewatching the people watchers as they ate on the sidewalks of the many cafes.  Then we walked to the famous Place Pigalle to take the metro to Musée d'Orsay, the home of a huge number of impressionist paintings. I love impressionists and especially Monet. I was drooling.

Can you overdose on impressionists? Certainly not yet. So we walked across the Seine  toward L'Orangerie for more impressionists. I didn't hit the overexposure limit though, because the water lilies room, where Monet painted a full round room floor to ceiling of water lilies was closed for 10 days.  I SO wanted to see that. Still it was another lovely batch of impressionists.

To finish the day off, we walked, metro'ed from Place Concorde, and then walked home along the recommended shopping street. We felt very local as we picked up eggs and cold meats to go with the gorgeous tomatoes David left. And, oh yes, we bought the mandated baguette from the boulangerie David suggested. Both baguette and the tomatoes remind one why food is so good in France?

What wonderful day.  Now off to bed to catch up on overdue sleep.

Too tired to figure out how to get pics on the site.

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