Thursday, September 24, 2015

Food, Food, Food, and Wine

As we've learned from reading the Bruno, Chief of Police series, the Perigord region in the Dordogne is all about food and wine. Duck, fois gras, truffles, nut-base sweets and vin de nois. The main square at Sarlat pays homage to geese, so the priorities are set right from the start. Did I mention fois gras?

We rarely saw geese, but did catch this flock once.

More than geese, we saw constant advertising of their final fate by what I imagine must be the largests producer of fois gras.

We couldn't have had a nicer day to visit Sarlat as the sun shone on the beautiful honey-toned stone buildings, bathing everything in warm light. There were intriguing narrow streets leading off the main square, with medieval buildings still standing. I realized after I took this photo that the front cover of the first Bruno book features almost exactly the same scene.

As you might expect in this land of gastronomy, there are stores galore in the main square and they all celebrate the gourmand delicacies of the Perigord.  Not being a fan of fois gras, this display of all kinds of the area fruit floating in various types of alcohol was particularly enticing.

There were many cafes bustling with tourists:

and many other prety buildings. I particularly loved this view, dappled with sun and shade taken in the main square.

A beautiful place. I'm rereading the first Bruno book to savour once again the pleasures of Sarlat.

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