Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mirepoix Market

We arrived two days ago in the charming medieval bastide town of Mirepoix, with a population of about 3000.  Bastide towns were 'new' towns in France laid out with a large central square and streets emanating from that in a grid pattern - and we know how unusual a rectangular grid is here. This 'new' town was rebuilt in 1290 after flooding of the Her river destroyed the original town and its age shows in the many buildings that remain from that time. Our friend Sarah has rented this charming house for September:

Our bedroom is the one with the open shutters. 

Mirepoix has an extensive market on Mondays, taking over not only the central square but also several surrounding streets. The stores around the central square all have a 'couverture' which is perfect for the outdoor market and for the many restaurants with their chairs out there. 

There were many vendors selling vegetables, cheese and sausage, but also many stalls selling clothing and one with an extensive selection of shoes. Here's Sarah buying a canteloupe from a friendly lad who worried about his 'coif' after he realized a picture had been taken.


We bought cheese here

a leather diary book from this gruff character

some olives from this guy who wanted a special pose in his picture


There was even a vendor with a huge variety of different kinds of nougat.

We had great fun wandering around all the stalls. The vendors were so pleasant and happy to have a bit of conversation along with the transaction. 

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