Sunday, September 27, 2015


The highlight of Brittany was staying with an old friend who runs a beautiful B&B in the little port of D'Haouet:

This gorgeous old house was gutted completely and refitted with all the mod cons, while retaining its characters.  The kitchen was to die for:

We had this lovely view out our window:

Our friends took us out to the next town for our first, best, but not our last taste of Breton crepes and galettes.

We took a lovely day trip along the coast. Our first stop was at the serene Beaufort Abbey. The Beaufort monks were the first to finance fishing ventures for cod to the new world, so rather significant for Canadians.

We stopped for lunch on the beautiful square in Treguier with its medieval buildings and beautiful cathedral.

We've seen many churches, but each one is rather different: this one was distinguished by its eclectic mix of stained glass windows ranging from traditional to modern to abstract. Fascinating:

Strange to see all these styles jumbled together in one church.

The signs in this part of Brittany are bilingual - French and Breton (a Celtic language most closely related to Cornish). 

We ended up at Ploumanac'h and took a long walk along the shore, with its tumbled boulders in precarious arrangements. A  beautiful day and a beautiful walk.



There was a beautiful chateau offshore to gaze at

and interesting rocks to walk under

Or to marvel at like these

A  beautiful sunny day with a light wind - just the ticket to whet our appetite for the magnificent feast of fresh food from that morning's market David prepared for supper that night.

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