Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 3 - Radiant Glory

How can one describe the glory of the stained glass windows at La Sainte Chapelle?  Words fail me. Imagine this window multiplied by 15, surrounding three walls of the chapel, for the pleasure of the king.

And then add in the rose window at the end. 

Still bedazzled, we walked over to see the grandeur of Notre Dame.  There was a mass going on and we heard some stirring music again, with the organ reverberating against the stone walls. 

We also toured the archeological museum right in front of Notre Dame. It traced the history of Paris, and included some ruins in place from Roman times. It made clever use of original writings from long ago, and merging of ruins with clever modern visuals. Definitely worth the visit to get a taste of very early Parisian history. 

Then a quick tour through the adjacent bird market. 

All this at one stop on the Metro!!!

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