Monday, September 14, 2015


We stayed at a lovely inn in Le Pontet, just outside Avignon. The most interesting aspect of Avignon was its very well preserved wall, with a lovely boulevard along the river. 

We took a rather mediocre tour. The Pont d'Avignon of nursery song fame is only half a bridge, having been washed out by the Rhone. So the Romans can build something that lasts a couple of millenia, but the medieval folks in Avignon couldn't build something to last for a few hundred years! The Pope's Palace is large, but not that beautiful a building. 

We spent quite a bit of time in Avignon resting and catching our breath. The beautiful Auberge de Cassagne was surround by pretty gardens, with a pool and a spa. We had a lovely terrace, where we ate our breakfast

and indulged in a spectacular dinner in the restaurant. The Auberge is owned by a couple - he is the chef and she runs the rest of the hotel. She was quite delightful and visited every table as we ate supper and had a long chat.

Note the lack of action here, with lots of eating and resting.

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