Friday, October 30, 2015

First Adventures with our Car

So a bunch of things to check off today:

  • is the rental car big enough for Wayne without being humungous for French streets? Check. Got a Renault Captur, perfect size. We scored a car with diesel (save on gas) and GPS (save on getting lost) which we hadn't ordered since they'd be so expensive. We even got a car whose distinctive colour pattern will make it easy to identify. Wayne thinks the colour scheme matches my shoes (which Jamie alleges qualifies me as 'hip to the kids')
  • Can we get back to the apartment without getting lost? Check.
  • Can we find a parking place near the apartment to load our luggage (can only take one bag down at a time in the tiny elevator)? Check. Found a convenient place right around the corner.
  • Can we make it out of Paris without getting lost? Check. One minor miss easily corrected by going around one block.
All in all, sad farewell to the lovely Paris apartment but good start to our trip.

Here's us having our lunch of baguette, eggs and salmon pate at a rest stop by the road.

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